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Rescali Cotoni S.a.s.

Rescali Cotoni is actually in the market with a wide range of textile products; the following would be only a short description of the main provided products.

For more detailed information, please contact us anytime.


Yarns and Filaments


Rescali Cotoni supplies several kind of yarns and filaments.

the final use can be for both weaving or knitting and for different end uses as: apparel, upholstery, hoisery, industrial and techincal applications.


the main materials supplied are:

  • cotton (combed, carded, compact, Siro... up to count Ne 300)

  • viscose spun (ring, compact, Siro, Vortex)

  • viscose filament (centrifugal and continuous)

  • polyester spun

  • polyester filament (FDY, DTY and High Tencity)

  • PA 6 and PA66 (also HT)

  • covered yarn (ACY, SCY and DCY)

  • corespun

  • linen

  • silk (spun and filament)

  • blended yarns (cotton, poly, viscose, silk, cashmere, bamboo, tencel, wool...)



Rescali Cotoni also supplies raw and finished fabrics on specific constructions provided by the customers.

Our main items are fine cotton fabrics for shirting and raw fabrics for bed sheeting.


Other items


Upon specific request of our customers we're not afraid to look for additional and new items by expanding our biz possibilities.

With the help of our sourcing partners and the different experise of our organization we can help our customers to develop new fields.


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